WordCamp Phoenix 2020

WordCamp Phoenix 2020

It’s that time of year again, and WordCamp Phoenix 2020 is kicking off February 7th through the 9th. Stop by our booth and say hello to our representing GreenGeeks, Anna Gargioni and Marco Berrocal. We’ll also have some goodies to hand out.

But GreenGeeks isn’t the only reason you should come to the camp. Whether you are a beginning WordPress user or an advanced developer, there’s something for everyone at this event.

What to Expect at WordCamp Phoenix 2020

As with most other events, there is a wide scope of greatness in Phoenix. From freelance help to site tweaks, you’ll find it all this weekend.

This year, you’ll come across talks such as:

  • The Art of Networking
    Join Francesca Marano as she breaks down ways to get involved and network with others in your field. After all, creating a network can have a profound impact on your success in any industry.
  • How to Succeed at Working Remotely as a Nomad
    Working remotely gives one the ability to travel. Why not do some exploring while working for clients? Chloe Chamberland will go into ways to do so successfully.
  • Your Likes Don’t Matter And Your Followers Don’t Count: How To Authentically Grow Your Brand On Social Media
    This is one that speaks to me that makes me wish I could go to Phoenix. Julie Archer demonstrates how to build your brand in an authentic way on social media without using automation or bots and why this is important.
  • Building a Recurring Billing Business
    Setting up a recurring billing business helps create residual income. Scott DeLuzio will go into the technologies you can use and how to set it up to make the most impact.
  • SEO Basics, Plugins, Resources, and Tools
    Here is a session more people should attend. Search engine optimization is a vital element for anything web-related. Pam Aungst will show you plugins, sites and tools to get the most out of your website in places like Google.

And these are only some of the many that stood out to me when browsing the schedule.

Fun Facts About Phoenix, AZ

While you’re at WordCamp Phoenix, take in some of the sites. There’s a lot to absorb in this huge city.

Some of the more interesting elements I’ve found include:

  1. With a population of over more than one-and-a-half million people, Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the US. Which means you’ll find all kinds of things to do from great restaurants to incredibly golf courses.
  2. The Greater Phoenix area is actually located in the Sonoran Desert. And if you want to see the wettest and most green desert in North America, this is it with an annual rainfall of up to 15 inches.
  3. And for you sports fans, Phoenix is one of the few places that has a team in the four major professional leagues. You wouldn’t guess a desert-ladened city would have an ice-based sports team. Go Arizona Coyotes!

See you there, Arizona!

While I enjoy our week of snow here in Colorado, I hope you all have fun in the sun at WordCamp Phoenix 2020. Don’t forget to stop by and speak with Anna and Marco. They’ll be there with swag to hand out, smiles to give and information to share.

I’d like to thank all of those involved with setting up WordCamp Phoenix. Sponsors, organizers, volunteers and patrons make this one of the best communities to be a part of.

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