Hottest Year

2020 Ties for the Hottest Year in History

According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2020 tied 2016 for the hottest year in history despite the cooling effects of La Niña. Thus, capping out the hottest decade, with one of the hottest years and the most extreme weather in history.

The last six years are the hottest in recorded history and they all happen in a row. This rules out any possibility that it is a six-year coincidence. The piles of climate change evidence are staggering and need to be taken as fact.

Greenhouse gases in our atmosphere have gotten out of control. There are currently 412.89 parts per million (PPM) of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  And there is no sign that they are slowing down.

La Niña

What truly makes 2020 terrifying is that it tied for the hottest year in history despite the La Niña cooling effect.

La Niña causes the easterly trade winds to strengthen. As a result, a cold upwelling along the equator intensifies, which in turn causes the sea-surface temperatures to fall considerably. In some cases, the temperature can drop by 7ºF.

Yet, despite this weather phenomenon, 2020 managed to remain hot.

For reference, 2016 saw a very intense El Niño effect, which put the year at the top of the charts. Thus, while 2020 was tied, it very likely would have shattered the 2016 record without the La Niña cooling effect.

2020 Saw the Most Extreme Weather in History


One record that 2020 did break was the number of extreme weather events ranging from hurricanes to forest fires.

The hurricane season saw the most named storms in history with 30 named tropical storms. On top of this, there was an increase in the number of typhoons and cyclones around the world. These events cost the world over 140 billion dollars.

It was also a particularly bad year for forest fires, with California losing 4 million acres to the blazes.

However, as Covid-19 recovery plans come into effect, going green may become a reality.

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