Antarctica Experienced Its Hottest Temperature Ever

On Thursday, February 6th, Antarctica had a new record-breaking temperature. It reached a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and surpassed the previous record of 63.5 set in 2015.

Making it the hottest temperature Antarctica has ever seen.

Of course, like all record-temperatures, they must be verified by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). However, this could take time as they must verify the record in multiple ways. But according to their own page, everything looks to be real.

This should come as no surprise to anyone that has watched Antarctica heat up over the last few years and melt at record levels.

Antarctica Is Getting Warmer

There is a lot of evidence out there that supports Antarctica is getting warmer. In fact, it is getting warmer faster than any other part of our planet.

Over the last 50 years, Antarctica has risen by 5.4 degrees and continues to get warmer every year. In fact, we are at a point where it may be too late to stop.

As the ice sheets continue to melt, the region loses a natural defense against the sun. Ice sheets and white snow patches reflect the sun’s rays. Thus, when they disappear, more sunlight is hitting the region, which raises the temperature.

Climate Change Is to Blame

Climate Change

Without a doubt, every single report points to one source for the warming of Antarctica.

Climate change.

The greenhouse gases we are emitting are making the planet warmer. And in naturally cold regions, it is changing everything. A great example of this is Longyearbyen, the Doomsday Vault, home of the seed vault.

It is a small town in Norway that was built on a foundation of permafrost and it is beginning to melt. This will cause structures that were built on it to begin to sink into the ground.

Normally there is a foundation of cement, but it was unnecessary due to the permafrost, which was thought to never melt.

One thing is clear, colder regions are changing and it will have an impact on the rest of the world.

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