GreenGeeks & The GDPR

Businesses across the globe, small or large are in the middle of preparing for compliance with the European Union’s (EU) new data privacy laws: GDPR, which stands for The General Data Protection Regulation. It goes into effect on May 25, 2018.

The GDPR applies to businesses both in and outside of the EU and businesses that do not comply with the GDPR could face hefty fines.

We’ve put together some information about GDPR for informational purposes and what we’re doing to comply. Please note that you should consult your own legal counsel to determine if you’re affected by the requirements of GDPR.

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GreenGeeks – 10 Years of Web Hosting

On April 21st, we turn 10 years old!

Ten years. Wow! I’m going to let that sink in for a moment.

In 2008, Trey founded GreenGeeks with a vision to not only become the best web hosting platform available but also create an organization that led the change in being environmentally friendly. I loved the vision Trey had and although we have known each other for years online – we had never met! In 2009, we took a chance together, and I joined the company, we finally met 6 months after starting the company. Together, we had a sense of renewed excitement for the vision of being the World’s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider. Since then, we have grown to become one of the largest web hosting providers servicing over 300,000 websites to customers in over 150 countries globally.

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Domain Name and Web Hosting: 5 Easy Ways to Know the Difference

Domain Name and Web Hosting

Creating a website is a vital element for success in today’s Internet-driven world. It’s important to understand how they are established. For example, there is a distinct difference in how domain names and web hosting operate even though they work in tandem. Knowing how each of these function separately will help you understand how to manage and maintain your site. Continue reading “Domain Name and Web Hosting: 5 Easy Ways to Know the Difference”