GreenGeeks Dashboard Update

GreenGeeks Dashboard Update: WordPress, Developer Tools and more.

GreenGeeks is excited to announce the latest updates to our hosting platform which is aimed to improve the user experience for our customers, that use WordPress along with added developer tools. We’ve made additions and updates to existing tools to make them easier and faster to use to get your website management easier.

WordPress Management

Customers will now be able to manage their WordPress installations from right within the GreenGeeks Dashboard. You can access the new tools by logging into your GreenGeeks Dashboard > Hosting Tab (on left navigation) > Manage (on respective hosting account).

WordPress Install & Manage

We’ve taken the guesswork out of installing WordPress by streamlining the installation process. Simply use the optimized for WordPress step-by-step user interface to quickly install WordPress within seconds.

New tools have been added to manage your WordPress installations. You will be able to reset the admin password, and disable all plugins in case you are locked out from a bad plugin install/update, without having to log into WP-Admin.

You’ll also be able to see and manage all of your WordPress installations from one area.

WordPress Staging

We’ve also re-introduced our one-click WordPress staging. With just a few clicks, set up a staging environment to test your ideas without disrupting your live website and effortlessly push the changes to your live WordPress website when you’re done updating and testing.

WordPress Update Settings

Easily manage your auto-update settings from the dashboard. 

Developer Tools & more.

We’ve introduced a new section that will allow you to manage Cron Jobs, SSH access and Git right from within the dashboard, without the need to go into cPanel. In addition to these new additions, we’ve added Security and Statistics capabilities accessible from the dashboard. 

Incident Notifications

We have integrated our incident notification system into the GreenGeeks dashboard. If there is ever an issue with your service, a notification will be visible at the top of your dashboard, this will also allow you to be updated regularly on its status without the need to speak with support.

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