Redis on Ecosite Premium

GreenGeeks Now offering Redis On its Ecosite Premium Hosting Plans

I am happy to announce that GreenGeeks will be offering Redis on its EcoSite Premium hosting plans.

A REmote DIctionary Server, or Redis, is a fast in-memory database that, normally referred to as a data structure server. Its defining feature is the ability to manipulate high-level data types, which makes it far more flexible than other database solutions.

Due to these unique features, Redis can outperform traditional relational databases like MySQL in certain areas and easily solve problems that cannot be addressed in a relational database. As a result, more developers want to use Redis for their websites.

And now you can too!

What Is Redis?

Redis is a highly flexible key-value database that can manipulate fundamental data structures with ease, but more importantly, it can also alter high-level data like strings, lists, sets, hashes, and sorted sets.

Object Caching

By far, one of the most common uses for Redis is caching, especially within WordPress, or more specifically, Object Caching.

Traditionally, when a visitor accesses a web page, the data a site needs to load that page is stored within the database. This means your website needs to make queries into the database, which takes time. 

Redis changes this by keeping the cached data within the server’s RAM, thus eliminating many of the queries made, speeding up the entire process considerably.

The end result is a much faster website, which can, in turn, help boost your SEO rankings.

GreenGeeks Ecosite Premium Plans

As you can imagine, you are going to need quality servers for this to be effective, and that’s where our Ecosite Premium hosting plans come in.

Our EcoSite Premium plans are designed to provide you with the best web hosting experience. All websites hosted on this plan are given more premium features such as more computing resources, enterprise-grade solid-state drives, and have access to all of the latest features we have to offer. 

If you are currently a Premium customer, you have a lot to be excited about and Redis is already available to you. If not, be sure to upgrade today to gain access to the best caching tool in WordPress!

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