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How WordPress 5.9 Opens the Doors to Full-site Editing Webinar

With the introduction of WordPress 5.9, users are able to experience full-site editing. This means you’re able to design your pages and posts exactly how you want them. Well, mostly. It’s still in beta, but the system has a lot of great potential.

In this webinar, our very own Marco Berrocal will go over the features and functions of what you can do with this new addition.

For many, it may even be a way to replace plugins such as SiteOrigin’s Page Builder or Elementor. Of course, this also depends on how your site is designed and if the actual release of the beta will be as rich as the Gutenberg editor.

WordPress 5.9 Full-Site Editing and You!

The full-site editor for WordPress is going to be a game-changer for a lot of creators. Whether you’re a blogger or you’re setting up a business website, the newer versions of WordPress are going to help you along.

In this webinar, Marco goes over:

The Twenty Twenty-Two Theme

As with nearly every version of WordPress, a new theme is put out by default. These themes are named after the year in which the first update was implemented. In this case, it’s Twenty Twenty-two.

What makes this theme awesome, though, is that it’s one of the first to implement the new full-site editing function of WordPress 5.9.

This means you’ll have far more control of the overall design of your website.

For example, some “free” themes you can use restrict access to things like font sizes and visual elements unless you upgrade. With the full-site editor, you can change much more than what free themes provide.

It’s important to note that there are more themes available in the WordPress repository capable of full-site editing. Marco shows you the quickest way to find these themes in this webinar.

Various Blocks Available

Marco also goes over the block editor and how to use blocks to create the style of your website. This includes everything from static pages to dynamic posts.

The important thing to realize is that the new full-site editor works much the same way as Gutenberg. You use certain blocks to deliver specific visuals and information to fine-tune the appearance of your site.

Using Block Patterns

Block patterns are those designs you want to save and use throughout your website. WordPress 5.9 gives you the ability to use author-rich content with the blocks in those patterns.

This means you can utilize the layout anywhere you want on your website.

Using Full-site Editing in WordPress 5.9

Marco also shows how the full-site editing feature operates and ways you can use it to your advantage. Although it is currently in Beta, future releases are bound to have more functions built into the platform.

Templates are also a part of the full-site editing process, and Marco goes over the elements that come with the newest version of WordPress. This includes using Template Parts and creating your own to fit your specific needs.

For instance, you can set up a general call-to-action automatically across all of your pages and posts. This reduces the need for creating individual code or adding plugins to accomplish the same feat.

In fact, Marco creates a call-to-action template quickly in this webinar to show how easy it can be done.

What Will You Design with Full-Site Editing?

The bottom line is that the full-site editing feature of WordPress 5.9, although currently in beta, is something that is here to stay. Understanding how it works and what you can do with it can make a world of difference for your website.

Who knows, it may just be the thing you need to remove a ton of background plugins for the same functionality. The potential behind what this tool will offer is immense!

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