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As We Remain Indoors, Unique Sea Life Take Back the Ocean

COVID-19 has kept humanity inside for quite some time now and as a result, sea life is taking the ocean back. Around the world, sea life, and even land mammals, are entering areas that are typically swarming with people. However, with stay at home orders still in effect around the globe, some interesting sea life is likely closer than normal.

Around the world, there are images surfacing through social media and news outlets documenting the return of some sea life to the world’s oceans. Dolphins, Rays, Turtles, Jellyfish, and more sea life are appearing in greater numbers and in places they don’t usually go.

This is the direct effect of humans not going to beaches.

Is This a Good Thing?


Most people would immediately say yes, but it might not be that simple.

On one hand, less fishing can help fish populations recover. This is especially true in areas where overfishing is prevalent. Less tourism and beach-goers makes it easier for species that lay eggs on the beach, like turtles. It also means less trash in the ocean.

On the other hand, when a species enters a territory for the first time or if one increases its population suddenly, it can disrupt the food chain. On top of this, it can drive other species out as a direct result of food shortages.

Unlikely to Continue

The sightings we are seeing around the world is unlikely to continue once we see an end to the lockdown. Residents will go back to the beaches and tourism will flourish. The demand for seafood will go back to normal and fishing will resume.

Thus, many of the positive gains we are seeing will disappear once again.

However, this brief reprieve will certainly help struggling fish populations recover and keep our oceans clean.

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