The UK Breaks Winter Temperature Record Two Days In A Row

Rising TemperatureThe UK is having one of the hottest winters on record over the last 20 years. To put this into perspective, the temperature last year was at -11.7C. However, the temperature today is around 21.2C making it the hottest recorded winter in the UK since 1998.

The rising temperatures are a direct result of climate change that is making the average global temperature rise every year. Eventually, these hot winters will become the norm for most countries.

Two Days In A Row

What is really special about this event is that the record was not broken on just one day. The previous day, the temperature in Teddington reached 20.7C and the temperature in Wales reached 20.8C. This replaced the previous record of 20.6C. However, the temperatures continued to rise and reached 21.2C the following day.

This is significant because instead of being a one-day event, these hot streaks are continuing for multiple days. This makes it extremely difficult for skeptics of global warming to pretend nothing is happening to our weather patterns.

Incoming Rainy Weather

The current heatwave is expected to break after Wednesday. The high-pressure system that brought the heat will become windy and wetter. While climate change is making it easier for extreme heatwaves to happen throughout the year, it is difficult to link the two. This is due to the fact that very specific weather patterns need to form.

While the chance of them occurring has increased dramatically, there is no way to determine if this was naturally caused or caused by climate change.

Early Spring


This heatwave in February is having an early spring effect on plants and animals in the UK. Flowers are blooming early and grass is growing. Even more shocking is the fact that animals are coming out of hibernation earlier than normal.  This has had many people leaving necessary foods for animals that are waking up like Hedgehogs.

However, it is important to remember that it is still winter and the temperature can still make a 180 overnight. This can spell disaster for both early bloomers and animals that wake up early.

Shopping Like It’s Summer

While this weather is unusual, locals are adapting quickly. ASDA, a popular supermarket in the UK, noted that swimwear, sunglasses, and shorts were all selling much higher than they normally would. This is a strong signal that locals are making the most of the warmer winter.

Will This Really Become the Norm

Time for a new Normal

The greenhouse gases that are released into the air disrupt the normal processes.  Typically, the heat that travels from the Sun to Earth is reflected back, but greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, absorb that heat. This is known as the greenhouse effect and is responsible for rising temperatures. The rising temperatures will slowly become the norm for many regions and the pattern will continue.

If this happens, the Earth will become uninhabitable for most life forms including humans. We may not be the generation to suffer from the harsh effects of climate change, but our children and grandchildren will certainly suffer.

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