Climate Change

Even With Lower Emissions, We Haven’t Beaten Climate Change

COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill, and there have been many reports sighting the environmental benefits this has brought in the fight against climate change. And they are true, the world’s biggest emitters, China and the United States have cut emissions sharply.

However, it is important to remember that once this pandemic has passed, our emissions will come back. And they are likely to do so stronger than before.

Climate change has not been addressed by the world in this pandemic. And due to the lower emissions, it is starting to look like something changed. This is completely false. Emissions are only lower because people are staying home from work and school.

When Business Resumes, Emissions Will Too

It’s no secret that the moment it is safe for business to resume again, we will see emission levels return. And it is very likely, they will return higher than ever.

This is because businesses will be eager to make up for lost time and families will rush out of their homes to go shopping and find entertainment. What we are experiencing from a carbon emissions standpoint is the calm before the storm.

The Difference Between Coronavirus and Climate Change

Barren Desert

Coronavirus and climate change have a lot of similarities when you get down to it.

The world was warned about the danger in advance and did not take the proper precautions. Once the effects have become clear, experts are called in but are ignored in favor of not damaging the economy.

Do you notice the similarity?

One thing they are not the same is in regards to their devastation. The coronavirus is a serious threat to humanity but will be beaten and humanity will move past it.

This is not possible for climate change. When the planet gets too warm, our way of life will end and not just the human species will disappear. Most life will be wiped out as our planet becomes a barren desert.

We are coming together to fight COVID-19, let’s do the same for climate change.

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