WordCamp Lancaster 2020

WordCamp Lancaster 2020

On March 14th, get your fill of some WordPress awesomeness at WordCamp Lancaster 2020! Although GreenGeeks will not be attending in person, we’re still proud to sponsor the event. And this year, the schedule is full of great sessions.

Whether you’re a beginner at using WordPress or want to create the perfect custom theme for your website, the day is full of some talks I wish I could attend in person.

What to Expect at WordCamp Lancaster 2020

This one-day event has a lot to offer anyone who loves using WordPress. As I said, there are several that I wish I could see myself. So if you want to get more out of your experience, you can attend sessions such as:

  • The New Frontier: Theme Development for the Block Editor
    Gutenberg is here to stay. Which means developers need to adapt to working with blocks. In this talk, Eileen Violini goes over the fundamentals of theme development for a new Gutenberg world.
  • My Automation Workflows: Turning a One-Man Band into a Team
    Anyone who is freelancing or blogging should attend this talk. When you’re solo, being able to stay on top of things can be hectic. Let Joe Casabona enlighten you with ways he streamlines the process with automation.
  • Troubleshooting Your WordPress Website, aka Troubleshooting 101
    While WordPress is a stable system, sometimes things can go awry. In this session, Matt Ryan will help with troubleshooting WordPress and how you can keep your site online.
  • How to Build a WordPress Theme
    What if you could build the theme of your dreams, perfect for what you’re trying to show visitors? Beth Soderberg will show you how to get started in creating a unique experience for your website.
  • Security & Optimization in 2020
    Keeping the site protected and efficient is imperative for success in 2020. Let Kevin Kresge show you how to implement security while optimizing the site to score well in things like Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

At WordCamp Lancaster 2020, there is a lot of great talks for all skill levels of users. These are just some of the things going on throughout the day.

Pattern libraries, JSON-LD understanding, converting plugins to web apps and much more are at this camp. I only hope I can find video versions of the talks available soon on WordPress TV.

Fun Facts About Lancaster, PA

Although you’re there to attend WordCamp, Lancaster is full of some incredible things to experience. For one thing, it’s full of historical value from an American perspective.

Some things you might not know about Lancaster include:

  1. For one day, Lancaster was the capital of the nation. On September 27, 1777, the Continental Congress fled and relocated to the Lancaster County Courthouse for safety.
  2. No little piggies going to the market! In the 1740s, it became illegal to let pigs run loose on E. King Street.
  3. Lancaster is home to the largest pipe organ in the nation. It was built at the Trinity Lutheran Church in 1771 by David Tannenberg.

So if you want to know more about the heritage and history of the United States, Lancaster is a great place to visit. Personally, I love history and learning where we came from.

Enjoy Yourselves at WordCamp Lancaster 2020

Although GreenGeeks won’t be there in person, we hope you all have a fun and informative weekend. This camp is sure to please many in attendance.

I’d like to thank all of the sponsors, attendees, volunteers and organizers for keeping this camp going. It’s a great community of people, and we’re proud to be included.

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