WordCamp Long Beach 2019

WordCamp Long Beach

The first ever WordCamp Long Beach will take place on October 5th and 6th. It will be held at The Pointe under the Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach. GreenGeeks will be on hand for this inaugural Long Beach event.

Make sure you come by and say hello to our very own Anna Gargioni and Trey Gardner. They will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Ambassador Michael James will also be on hand.

What to Expect at WordCamp Long Beach

The excitement for WordCamp Long Beach is in full swing, as many WordPress enthusiasts in the area are looking forward to the first event there being successful.

There will be a lot of different sessions to choose from. Both Saturday and Sunday will be a full slate. Here are some of the sessions you may not want to miss.

  • Zero to WordPress: Building Your First WordPress Site
    Session speaker Justice Anderson will speak about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. He will dive in to what it takes to build your first self-hosted WordPress website.
  • How the Block Editor in WordPress Changes the Conversation
    The Gutenberg Block editor has come and is now the future of WordPress. Join Chris Reynolds as he shows you how to explore some of the ways Gutenberg changes how we build things. He will go over the setup and show you how to better create content using the new editor.
  • The Top 10 Plugins Every Website Needs and Why
    Join Christina Hills for her session regarding the most important plugins you need to have on your website. This session is considered more non-techie, trying to offer you easy to deploy suggestions for excellent plugins that will make your site run smoothly.
  • What You See Is NOT What You Get
    Site builders and drag and drop builder themes have become increasingly popular, but how do they affect the actual quality and creativity of a website? Join Anastassia Zukova as she speaks on this and discusses the future of automation in digital design.
  • 5 Steps To A Faster Website
    Talk about website speed and what you can do to improve is always a hot topic at any WordCamp. Join Sabrina Zeidan as she discusses everything regarding website speed, how to improve it, and many of the myths surrounding it.

With so many amazing sessions taking place, you will definitely not want to miss WordCamp Long Beach.

Fun Facts About Long Beach

Like most coastal cities with ports in California, Long Beach has a lot of interesting facts tied to it that you may not have heard about. For example, did you know:

  • Long Beach is actually the 7th largest city in California and the 36th largest city in the nation.
  • Long Beach has been named as one of the best cities for young people to live. 17% of the people living in Long Beach are between the ages of 25 and 34. So the overall population is younger and geared for the future.
  • The Port of Long Beach remains one of the world’s largest seaports. It handles millions of containers each year and is second busiest container ports in America.

Final Thoughts

WordCamp Long Beach is going to be an absolute blast for everyone that is able to attend. There is always excitement surrounding any WordCamp, but the level of excitement here has been turned up a notch because it is the first event here.

Be sure to make it out and enjoy some amazing WordPress sessions and networking.

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