WordCamp Mexico City 2019

WordCamp Mexico City 2019

On August 31st, 2019, Mexico City will host a one-day WordCamp event packed full of WordPress users and guests from all over the world. WordCamp Mexico City will be held at the Durango 275 Event Hall. And GreenGeeks’ own Marco Berrocal will be there to hand out some swag!

If you have a passion for technology and are looking to share your experiences with others, then WordCamp in Mexico City will give you the chance.

What to Expect at WordCamp Mexico City

WordCamps are usually weekend events, so more is spread out. However, since WordCamp in Mexico City is a one-day event, you can expect a whole bunch of goodies to be filled into a single day.

Here are some of the speakers you will want to be sure to see:

  • Colors and Typographic Rhythm on Your Website
    Two of the more difficult tasks to consider when building a website are choosing the right colors and fonts. In this session, Marco Berrocal will talk about these issues and also how you can use color theory to help with the decision. This talk is sponsored by GreenGeeks as well.
  • How to Audit WordPress to Improve Speed and Security
    There is arguably nothing a developer spends more time on than website speed and security. Especially since both of these aspects directly affect Google rankings. Join John Marreros as he shows you how to audit your WordPress website for both of these issues for free.
  • Advanced Use of Git and WordPress
    We all know that Git is a massive system with a lot of functionality. Interested in how to use Git and WordPress together properly? This is the session for you. Mario Aguiar will talk about the secrets of using both together.
  • Content Strategy to Increase Web Traffic
    As Google says, content is king. So what better way to learn about a solid content strategy than sitting in on a session with one of the best content strategists around. Join Mariana Salas as she shows you how to increase and improve authority on certain issues. She will also talk about the best ways to distribute content on different digital channels.
  • My Blog, My Brand
    Are you using your blog as part of your corporate brand? Many of us do, and we spend a lot of time developing it. Dafne Delgado will talk about the importance of seeing a blog as a corporate brand. Including copyright, investing in external products, apps or advertising in some cases, positioning yourself as a product and how to compete against large companies. She will also touch on monetization and the importance of it.

With almost 20 sessions to be a part of, WordCamp Mexico City is going to be an amazing experience for anyone who can attend.

Fun Facts About Mexico City

If you aren’t from Mexico City, then you may want to take a little time to explore some of it during your WordCamp visit. Here are a few fun facts about Mexico City that you may not know.

  1. Mexico City is built on a lake called Texcoco. The city is constantly sinking and has sunk more than nine meters in some areas over the last 100 years.
  2. The many nicknames of Mexico City include “City of the Palaces”, “City of Hope” and “Capital in Movement.”
  3. The population of Mexico City has grown by more than 20 million people in just over 110 years, from 500,000 in 1900 to 21.2 million people in 2012.

And if you are looking for something else to do while on your WordCamp visit, then Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Museum of Anthropology) is a must-see!

Final Thoughts

WordCamp Mexico City is going to be an amazing time of learning. Be sure to attend if you can and while you are there hop over to the GreenGeeks booth and say hey to Marco.

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