Autralia Fire Smoke Cloud

The Australian Bushfires Smoke Cloud is Largest in History

Eight months later, and we are still feeling the effects of the Australian bushfires that displaced nearly 3 billion animals. The smoke cloud that formed as a result of fires is three times bigger than anything previously recorded.

According to the report, fire thunderstorms generated a self-maintained anticyclonic vortex reaching a diameter of 1000 km. It even had its own ozone hole. Overall, the storm lasted 13 weeks.

To put the size into perspective, it was on par with the aftermath of the largest volcanic explosion in the last 25 years.

The Smoke Cloud Went Around the World

The smoke was elevated to an extremely high altitude of 35km. And when it reaches this altitude, it can easily move around the world.

And that’s exactly what it did.

The smoke clouds from Australia reached around the world and altered weather patterns along the way. Which means that any large scale fires, like the ones currently going on in California, affect the entire planet.

It’s Going to Get Worse in the Future

As climate conditions continue to worsen, the likelihood of major fires will continue to rise. This is exactly why it is not a coincidence that California, the Amazon Rainforest, and Siberia are all currently on fire.

Australians themselves even admitted that it is likely that next year’s fire season could be even deadlier. And after the destruction of habitats and the animals lost in the fire, it’s something that the country cannot endure again.

Is it Just the Climate?


Climate change is certainly a major component of forest fires around the planet. But it is also worth mentioning that forest management policies need to be updated and improved to match the worsening conditions.

In Australia’s cases, they are using drones to collect information on bushland conditions. By properly managing the bushland, which includes removing dead bush (a fire starter), it can help prevent fires from spreading.

This not only applies to Australia, but the entire world needs to review such policies.

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