First Gas Station Changed to an Electric Charge Station

Electric Charge Station

A brand new electric charge station was opened at 7224 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, Maryland. However, what makes this unique is that it is the first gas station that was converted to an electric recharge station.

Electric vehicles are quickly gaining popularity and the sales figures are close to doubling each year. Maryland has a whopping 20,700  registered electric vehicles, but only two recharge stations in the state.

This is one of the major criticisms that drivers have with electric vehicles. The range is too small and there is a lack of recharge stations. This makes long trips problematic.

Switching from a gas station allows the business owner, Depeswar Doley, to capitalize on being one of the few.

No Guarantee For Success

As every entrepreneur knows or finds out, there is no guarantee that you will succeed. And this owner is fully aware of the risks.

In an interview with CNN,  Doley stated, “It’s good for the environment,” and went on to say “I’m not doing this just to nickel and dime, thinking about how much money I’m going to make — no. I know this is a good cause, and this is something new. What I’m doing, maybe it will encourage other business owners and encourage the electric car business.”

However, the business potential cannot be ignored.

The station has four 200 kW (kiloWatt) charging stations.  It will take drivers between 20 and 30  minutes to charge 80% of the car’s battery.

While waiting for the battery to charge, a shop owner will have a better chance of selling goods to customers with nowhere else to go.  Literally, it is one of three recharge stations in the state.

Electric Cars Are The Future of Transportation

Electric Cars

While it may seem decades away, the transition to electric cars is rapidly approaching. In a new Bloomberg New Energy Finance report earlier this year, about 57% of all vehicles sold will be electric by 2040.

Even more impressively, 30% of all cars on the road will be electric by roughly the same time. And all of these vehicles will need an electric charge station nearby.

However, it is important to highlight the fact that switching is a necessity for our planet’s future.

Transportation is a major greenhouse gas emitter. In just the United States, the transportation sector made up 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Electric cars and trucks can significantly reduce those numbers.

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