WordCamp São Paulo, Brazil 2019

WordCamp São Paulo

On October 5th, 2019, WordCamp São Paulo will take place at UNINOVE Campus Vergueiro. GreenGeeks will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. Be sure to drop by and say hello to Marco Berrocal. He will be holding it down for us.

This WordCamp, like many others, will be packed full of lectures and workshops. It is the perfect way to learn everything WordPress, as well as network with attendees.

What to Expect at WordCamp São Paulo

This will be a huge 1-day WordCamp and it will be stuffed full of things to see, do, and be a part of. If you are having trouble choosing which ones to attend, here are a few things you may want to take note of and check out.

  • WordPress Security: Theory and Practice
    Join Ruda Almeida for a session on why security is essential for any site, no matter the profile or size. Carelessness can cause data loss, malware injection, unintended phishing hosting, and redirection to dubious URLs, and even worse. Come learn the myths about security as well.
  • WordPress and Social Impact: Practical Solutions
    Take a seat and join Camila Rodrigues as she speaks about diverse solutions of structure, payment, online stores and much more. She will talk about more ways to use WordPress and it’s open source platform to fit the concept of social technology perfectly.
  • 5 Mindsets For You to Set Up Your Digital Business
    Edney “InterNey” Souza will show you how you can incorporate other fundamental mindsets for success in the digital world into your work. These apply whether you’re an analyst, executive, freelancer or entrepreneur.
  • Creating Gutenberg Blocks with React
    Come hear Eduardo Pittol talk more about Gutenberg, the big steps forward it took, and how to build blocks using React.
  • Change Lives With WordPress
    Finish your Saturday by going to see Leandro Pato talk about how a website built on WordPress can change the world. He will talk about how a donation and volunteer platform, powered by WordPress, has changed the lives of thousands of people across Brazil. A perfect ending to an amazing WordCamp

You can also view the full schedule and choose your own activities.

Fun Facts About São Paulo

If you happen to be able to make it out to WordCamp São Paulo, then you may want to know some interesting things about the area.

As of 2019, the population of São Paulo is about 12,200,000 people. It is the most populous city the Western and the Southern Hemisphere. It is also the 12th most populous city in the world.

The name of the city honors the Apostle, Saint Paul of Tarsus. It was founded by Jesuit missionaries on January 25, 1554, the anniversary of the conversion of St Paul.

The São Paulo Museum of Art is an art museum located on Paulista Avenue in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. It is well known for its headquarters, a 1968 concrete and glass structure designed by Lina Bo Bardi. Try and get out to see the museum if you can.

Final Thoughts

WordCamp São Paulo is going to be a massive 1-day event that you are not going to want to miss. Be sure to book your tickets and make it out to network.  Some of the best WordPress minds in Brazil will be in attendance.

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