Heatwaves 5 Time More Likely in Europe from Climate Change


June 26th through the 28th were the three hottest days of the year. According to the World Weather Attribution, heatwaves are now at least 5 times more likely to occur in Europe due to climate change.

Not only is it more likely to occur, but it can also be more intense as climate conditions worsen. Their findings suggest that if this heat wave was to occur a century ago, it would have been 4 degrees Celcius (7.2F) cooler.

This is a Conservative Estimate of Heatwaves

The report was very clear when it stated that similar heatwaves were “at least” 5 times more likely to occur. In reality, this is the most conservative projection they could give.

Other models by the same group suggest heatwaves are 100 times more likely. Unfortunately, due to the nature of weather calculations and models, there is no way to place an exact number on it at this time.

However, they are very sure that it is at least 5 times more likely.

What Data Did The Report Use


The scientists used data from 1947-2019 and examined the month of June in France. As time passed, the June heatwave records increased accordingly.

Temperatures around 100 degrees are not uncommon in Europe. But what is special is when these temps are manifesting. Generally, July and August are more likely to experience these extreme temperatures.

This means that climate conditions are worsening and June is getting warmer. Other European countries like Germany and Poland showed similar trends.

The Earth is Warming

One thing is crystal clear. The Earth is getting warmer on a global scale. Extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent as a result and it is due to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Humanity is closing in on irreversible levels of carbon and only drastic action can prevent this from happening. However, even with this knowledge, governments are delaying stricter regulations.

We are very likely to keep delaying until it is too late.

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