WordCamp Porto Alegre, Brazil 2019

WordCamp Porto Alegre 2019

This year, GreenGeeks is proud to be a sponsor of WordCamp Porto Alegre 2019 in Brazil. It is held at the Faculdade Senac Porto Alegre on the 15th of June. Although we won’t be physically attending this year, I’m sure it will be a great event.

For one day, patrons will have access to a variety of talks that is sure to strengthen understanding of using the WordPress content management system.

What to Expect at WordCamp Porto Alegre 2019

The day will be full of valued information as well as breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee. Which by itself is enough to make me wish I was going.

Some of the talks you can expect to witness include:

  • Planning Content for Your Market
    Fernando Santos will deliver tips for creating content to focus on SEO. Whether you’re a new blogger or business developer, this is surely to be golden information.
  • Security in Plugins and Themes
    In this talk, Arindo Duque explains why it’s important to practice security for plugins and themes. He will provide best practices and demonstrate how vulnerabilities are avoided.
  • Create a 100% Custom WordPress Website
    One of the most amazing attributes of WordPress is being able to create a completely customized layout. Vanderlei Dogastim, JR will show how that is possible using just four plugins.
  • Pricing Digital Business
    For those launching a website as a business platform, Larissa Sielichoff goes into detail about market pricing and finding the best methods to make a sale using customers as a guide.
  • WordPress as a Back-end of Your Applications
    One talk I am surely going to miss is this one about using WordPress as a server for mobile applications. Jackson Mafra will explain how to use various tools to create an integrated system between the website and apps.

WordCamp Porto Alegre 2019 has a lot of great information for those who attend. From using WordPress as a business platform to the personal blog, there is something for everyone this year.

Fun Facts About Porto Alegre, Brazil

Whether you’re in the area to attend WordCamp Porto Alegre 2019 or just visiting Brazil, there is a lot to discover. When you’re out sight-seeing, keep in mind:

  1. In 1864, Estacio da Cunha Bittencourt and Emilio Gembembre created the country’s second horse-powered tramway. This system would run from the Menino Deus district straight to the waterfront.
  2. Porto Algere is the largest city in southern Brazil with more than 1.5 million people calling it home.
  3. In 1962, the Jardim Botanico opened. It has one of the most amazing displays of nature sitting on roughly 43 hectares of land. At the gardens, you can also find the Natural Sciences Museum headquarters as well as the Sapling Terrarium.

WordCamp Porto Alegre is sure to be something to behold, and I am surely sorry that I am going to miss it. From the great talks available to exploring the landscape and the botanical gardens, the area is sure to please.

I would like to thank the sponsors, organizers and especially the patrons who make these camps worthwhile. If it wasn’t for the people with a like-minded passion for WordPress, none of these awesome events would take place.

The WordPress community is definitely a strong-knit family of which I am proud to be a part.

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