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9 Best Twitter Tools You Can Use Right Now for Free

What was once a small social SMS text based platform that allowed a maximum of 140 characters has turned into a social media machine that provides us with news, business opportunities, and so much more. Finding the right Twitter tools can be very important for your business.

Twitter now allows up to 280 characters per post. This is still a relatively short burst, but more often than not, it does give you a chance to express what you need.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best Twitter tools available that you can use for your business marketing.

Best of all, the tools I am going to share with you are all available to use for free. This will allow you to get your message out, promote your products and services, and connect with people, all without having to pay any fees.

Let’s take a deeper look at Twitter and then we will go over some of the best free Twitter marketing tools available today.

Twitter and Marketing

With over 330 million users and 145 million daily users, Twitter is a fantastic platform to market your business. The social hub is a prime marketing spot for very desirable demographics as well.

For the reason above alone, it is a good idea to create a solid Twitter marketing strategy for your business. You want something that is easy to implement, many can follow, and works well with your overall social media marketing strategy.

So, where do you start? Here are some suggestions for you to put into play when you are figuring out your marketing strategy and how to implement all the Twitter tools available.

Audit Your Account and Set Goals

The first thing you may want to do is audit your business account. You can do this by performing tasks like:

  • How often your account tweets
  • What is the engagement rate?
  • How many followers does the account have?

There are certain Twitter tools that can help you find out the data above. We will go over some of them below.

Once you have done an audit of your account, then go ahead and set some goals. Remember, success is measured in all sorts of ways. Set realistic goals with realistic time frames.

Things may go faster or slower than you originally thought. In that case, you can go ahead and adjust your goals.

Set “SMART” goals; things that are measurable and fair. Remember, something going viral does not count, as this can happen without intention. It usually does not happen every time you post. SMART goals include:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound

Remember, an audit and setting up realistic goals are two of the most important things to do when setting up a Twitter marketing strategy.

Other things to consider when setting up a business marketing strategy for Twitter include:

  • Checking Out Your Competition
  • Assigning Roles
  • Creating Guidelines
  • Making a Content Calendar

Lastly, make sure your profile is fully complete and includes all relevant and professional information. This includes:

  • Twitter Handle (screen name)
  • Profile Photo
  • Header Image
  • Bio
  • Company Website URL
  • Location

Once all of this is in place, you should be ready to roll.

With that, here are 9 of the best Twitter tools that you can use for free.

The Best Twitter Tools

1. FollowFly

FollowFly twitter tools

FollowFly is a simple, yet very effective tool. It allows you to search anyone on Twitter (individual, business) and see all of their best content posted in one place. You can also connect your account for an extended feed.

Having something like this will allow you to see what all your favorite accounts are posting. You can use this info as part of your strategy. See what type of content is popular and what is not, and use that to help you post relevant and engaging material.

While a very simple setup, FlyFollow is one of the best free Twitter management tools out there.

2. Daily 140

Daily 140

Daily 140 is a free platform that basically tracks all your daily metrics. If you want to learn more about your influencers, competitors, and followers on a daily basis, then this is one of the best Twitter tools you will find.

When you sign up, the app emails you once a day with all the details you need. This includes all the new people followed by your competitors and tweets favorite by them. 

Learn about trends, what’s popular, what your competitors are doing, and what others in your main network are exploring. This information can be very useful to tailor a successful Twitter marketing plan.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite twitter tools

Contrary to popular belief, Hootsuite actually offers a free plan that is quite extensive. In this case, we want to use it to easily schedule out the tweets you will be making from your Twitter business account.

Scheduling and tweeting at the right times can become time-consuming and difficult. Use Hootsuite to schedule out your business tweets on the right days and at the right times. This will free you up for other marketing-related tasks.

Then Hootsuite dashboard that you get with the free plan is also very helpful. Schedule different tweets at different times and find out what Twitter trends map works best for your plan.

4. Twitonomy

Twitonomy for twitter

Another fantastic free Twitter tool is called Twitonomy. They provide you (your business) with a complete dashboard to analyze user profiles in detail. Twitonomy actually has plans that you pay for, but they also have a free version of the tool that is very complete.

Find out specific user likes, who they follow, and who they engage with on Twitter. Use this info to market specifically to them, knowing what they will interact with and like. The list of tools you get with this is vast, so give it a look and incorporate it into your Twitter marketing plan.

5. Twubs


Twubs allows you to index a hashtag for your Twitter Chat and then collect and see all the tweets from one single location. Find all your chats, hashtags, and conversations quickly and easily.

There are all sorts of chats on the platform, and it is a great way to keep track of all conversations you are a part of.

6. Nuzzel

Nuzzel twitter tools

If you are interested in finding out what topics are trending among the people that your account follows, then Nuzzle is a great Twitter tool to use. Basically, you should use this tool to help you find out what your friend’s friends are interested in and interacting with.

Nuzzle will also provide you with the top news as it relates to your industry. You can take these news updates and apply them appropriately to what is going on in your industry.

Subscribe to the Nuzzle daily newsletter and get daily news, updates, and information. It is included in this list of free Twitter tools because of all the information it provides.

7. The Latest

The latest

The Latest is simple and straightforward. It basically provides you with a live list of all the best and top performing links on Twitter. The website does this in real-time, so links can change at any time based on popularity.

Find out all the most interesting stuff happening at any given moment. You can also follow the most viewed viral links and be a part of the conversation.

This is solid from a marketing standpoint, as it will allow you to create certain tweets based on trending news, information, and happenings around the world.

8. Canva


Canva is a very easy to use graphic design tool that has a “forever free” plan. Unlike other online graphic design tools, Canva gives you enough to work with in the free plan to create amazing Twitter images and other marketing tools you can download and use.

There is a pro version of Canva as well that allows for some extra functionality. However, the free forever version gives you thousands of templates, pictures, fonts, and images to work with and use.

Use Canva to design Twitter ad images, blast your company name over images and tools, and post them on Twitter and link to all your business website products and pages.

Something like Canva can help you look bigger and more professional, especially when you are starting out and do not have a lot of marketing funds to work with. It is simply one of the best Twitter tools around.

9. Warble

Warble twitter tools

Warble is a simple yet powerful tool that will send you email alerts every time someone shares content from your blog or Twitter. The program sends you the email even if the person sharing is using a link shortener or forgets to mention your business Twitter username.

This allows you to more easily track content that is being shared from your platform and is a fantastic Twitter posting tool to take advantage of. You can turn around and market to and interact with the people who are sharing all of your content.

These are nine of the best Twitter tools available right now for free. Please remember that a few of the tools mentioned above do have pro versions and plans available.

However, they all have a solid free version of their product that can be used with great success as free Twitter tools for marketing.


There are literally dozens and dozens of Twitter tools out there that you can use to boost the marketing plan you have been putting together for your business. The main issue becomes which one of the tools are free and available to use without having to pay monthly fees.

Oftentimes, when starting out, it is important to be able to access high-quality tools that are free to use. This is because most small businesses do not have a lot of money to spend on marketing right away.

Therefore a plan needs to be put together that will allow you room for growth without breaking the bank.

I hope the list above of free Twitter tools for marketing was helpful. Feel free to explore these and implement them into your overall social media marketing plan.

If used correctly, then you should be able to gain traction. Over time your audience will grow and you will have more of an operating budget for marketing on Twitter. Good luck on your social media marketing plan using Twitter.

Remember, set realistic goals and work up from there.

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  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Nice to read your informative post. All the tools you have mentioned above are really very much helpful for marketers. I am using Twitonomy for years and the experience is awesome. Hope others will also give the same test. Thanks for introducing us to these nice and useful tools.

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