Best Business Themes in WordPress

23 Best WordPress Themes for Virtually Any Business

Finding small business themes in WordPress can take a lot of time.  Yet, since it will drastically impact how your website performs, it’s time well spent. After all, visitors can form an opinion within 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds). Thus, your appearance needs to capture their attention.

While there are thousands of themes to choose from in WordPress, they are not equal. And it’s important to realize that themes are not purely cosmetic. Most modern themes now include custom widgets or plugins that really separate them.

Thus, it can be extremely difficult to choose a theme in 2023, but luckily for you, I have created a list of the best small business themes for your website.

What Makes A Great Theme for Small Business?

Small businesses can be very different from one another. For instance, the needs of a restaurant and a construction company are not even comparable. Thus, what makes a theme good for your small business depends entirely on the type of business you run.

Yet, there are still some universal requirements for a good theme that you should always prioritize.

First and foremost, your theme must be mobile-friendly. When looking at a theme it should say that it is responsive. This means that the theme will adapt regardless of the size of the screen. This can avoid common mistakes like buttons that are too small or slow load times on mobile devices.

Social media plays a huge role in almost every business’s marketing campaign. Ensuring that your theme can easily integrate social elements and buttons is integral. If you regularly create content on social media, make sure your theme supports it.

And without a doubt, the theme needs to look good. While this is very subjective, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family their thoughts on certain designs. After all, most of these themes will provide live demo sites so you can get a good feel of their capabilities.

The Best Small Business Themes in WordPress

1. Divi

Divi is one of the best themes for a small business

Divi stands at the top of the premium theme world and for good reason. It utilizes a drag and drop layout interface, which makes it one of the most customizable themes on the market.

It provides modules that you can insert into your pages to add additional options. Each module is professionally designed, but you also have the option to change it however you see fit.

Not to mention you’ll also have access to a wide selection of demo sites to use as a base for your site. Due to its high customization, the theme can be used for any type of website. Thus, it is ideal for small businesses of any type.

Benefits of Using Divi

  • Create custom designs that can be reused throughout your site or on another site
  • Keeps revision history so you can undo or redo changes
  • Easily enter your own CSS for further customization options
  • Everything within Divi is naturally responsive
  • Choose from 200 demo websites

2. ColorMag

ColorMag is one of the best free themes for a small business

ColorMag is one of the most popular free themes in WordPress with over 90,000 active installs. The theme is all about delivering content to visitors just like a magazine would. However, it is flexible enough to do anything.

It’s perfect for any small business that needs to deliver regular updates and information to visitors. Of course, it is also compatible with WooCommerce, so you can easily sell products or merch to visitors.

It also comes with a built-in image slider and social media links for extra customization options. If your business is looking to deliver regular content updates or company news, the ColorMag theme is perfect for the job.

Benefits of Using ColorMag

  • Great performance that loads pages in under a second
  • Accessing customization options is very simple
  • Avoids displaying duplicate content when posts are under multiple categories
  • Import demo content in a single click
  • Integrates with most major page-builder plugins

3. Metro


If your business will rely on eCommerce, then you need a theme that supports it. The Metro theme does exactly that with a minimalist approach. Let your products stand out on every page and entice customers to buy them.

And yes, it’s WooCommerce ready. Thanks to the minimalist approach, the theme can work for any website owner who wants to run a quick online store. Of course, it goes beyond just eCommerce.

There are also dedicated sections available for blogging. This can help you provide upcoming changes to the site, product details, or anything else you may need your customer base to be aware of.

Benefits of Using Metro

  • Includes great documentation alongside video tutorials
  • Gain access to multiple homepages designs
  • Utilize a 6-layer slider
  • Includes 24 custom add-ons for Elementor
  • Utilizes a responsive design to improve the mobile experience

4. Astra

Astra is one of the best themes for a small business

Astra is one of, if not the best-looking free themes on the market. It also holds the illustrious title of most popular theme with well over 1 million active installs. It achieved this by being extremely customizable.

With it, you could create a responsive blog or online shop that looks amazing. This theme was built with speed and SEO in mind. It’s lightweight and integrates code so search engines are sure to love your website.

It also boasts one of the largest libraries of p[re-built website templates with over 240 to choose from. No matter what kind of website you are trying to build, Astra has a template that can help speed up the process.

Benefits of Using Astra

  • Includes a header footer builder
  • Live editing allows you to see the changes in real time
  • Seamless WooCommerce integration
  • Utilize Hooks and Filters for more customization options
  • Translations and RTL ready

5. Exponent


Exponent was designed to build business websites, thus, it is one of the best WordPress themes for small businesses. It comes with 26 pre-built demo websites that you can use as a starting point for your website.

Each demo is highly customizable and can be made to fit the needs of any business. On top of this, the theme is also multi-lingual ready, which is necessary for any business that deals with international customers.

One of its coolest features would be the ability to seamlessly switch between light and dark modes. And as you might expect, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can definitely make an awesome online shop.

Benefits of Using Exponent

  • Choose from over 60 pre-made sections
  • Easily insert your own CSS or JS
  • Undo or redo revisions within the page editor
  • Includes caching and minification features for optimization
  • Easily switch between color schemes and pallets

6. Neve

Neve is one of the best themes for a small business

Neve offers customers an excellent design and was made with small businesses, start-ups, and agencies in mind. This theme is WooCommerce ready, responsive, and optimized for SEO. And that’s just the free version.

The premium version touts over 100 starter sites to use as a starting point. Each one is high customizable thanks to a variety of easy-to-use feature. for instance, you can easily control colors with global color pallets.

It even has a custom header and footer builder. With it you can create stunning headers and footers with virtually no limits outside of your creativity. As a result of this, it is one of the best small business WordPress themes available.

Benefits of Using Neve

  • Offers custom Elementor widgets
  • Enhanced WooCommerce integration options
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • Build expansive mega menus
  • Includes white labeling for your business branding

7. Shoptimizer


Shoptimizer is WooCommerce ready and built for speed and conversions. It achieves fast speeds with its ability to automatically minify its stylesheet. As a result, your most important pages will load almost instantaneously.

It also offers businesses additional options like trust badges, call me back option, and more. It even has other unique shopping features like being able to assign FOMO deals to individual products.

And you can even show when and what other customers are purchasing to help entice other customers to do the same. If your small business website will focus on eCommerce, Shoptimizer is one of the best themes to install.

Benefits of Using Shoptimizer

  • Superior product category SEO fields
  • Auto-complete customer searches to help them find what theya re looking for faster
  • Mega-menu support
  • Built with accessibility options in mind (tested with screen readers)
  • Compatible with most popular plugins available in WordPress

8. OceanWP

OceanWP is one of the best themes for a small business

OceanWP is another extremely popular theme with over 700,000 active installs and a near-perfect rating. It is lightweight and highly customizable. With it, you can build a blog or online shop for your business.

It is highly compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce ready. However, you don’t have to build a site from scratch, instead, you can utilize one of the many pre-built websites to get started with.

Most are ready to use and just need you to add your own content, but you can customize it to your liking and make it your own. Overall, it really is one of the best free themes in WordPress for a small business.

Benefits of Using OceanWP

  • Enable top bar sections to display social media share buttons
  • Choose from 7 header styles
  • No coding is required to use this theme
  • Change fonts and typography options on a global scale
  • Includes unique Elementor widgets

9. Rosa LT

Rosa LT

If you run a restaurant, you’re going to need a theme catered to your business, and Rosa LT is that theme. The theme offers special scrolling effects that allow you to show off delicious dishes to customers.

Every page can be customized using a block-based page editor, which is ideal for restaurants. And possibly most important is the Food Menu block built into the system. With it, you can enter your entire menu online in minutes.

In terms of design, you really have a lot of options to choose from. For instance, you can pair small images with text on either side of the page. It works great when you want to display an image of a dish and text describing it.

Benefits of Using Rosa LT

  • Set the tone of your website with a single click
  • Easily update menu items and mark them as specials or pick of the day
  • Integrates with WooCommerce to accept online orders
  • Mobile responsive design
  • This theme includes the Weglot translation plugin

10. Kadence


Wanna build a business website for free? If so, give the Kadence theme a try as it touts a near-perfect rating and over 200,000 active installs. Its best feature is the drag-and-drop header and footer builder.

With it, you can customize these areas to fit your business’s needs, which makes it one of the best themes for a small business to use. It also has compatibility with WooCommerce to meet your ecommerce needs.

And getting started has never been easier because it offers a variety of pre-built starter templates to choose from. Each one can be customized to appear unique by utilizing the page editor. Overall, it’s a terrific theme to use.

Benefits of Using Kadence

  • Easily choose a color scheme for your business, or make your own
  • Choose from several page layouts
  • Incorporate social icons to make sharing on social networks easier
  • Utilize global settings for buttons
  • Include a “Scroll to Top” button

11. Soledad


When it comes to the possibilities of a theme, few can match Soledad. It offers one of the biggest selections of demo sites on the market at a staggering total of 250. There’s really a starter site for everything with this theme.

With these, you will be able to create any type of website and have a solid foundation to do it from. Of course, you can easily customize each starter site to meet the needs of your site. It is also incredibly fast, which helps your sites SEO.

One of the more unique features would be the text to speech plugin that allows visitors to listen to your written content. Due to these reasons, Soledad is easily among the best themes a small business can use.

Benefits of Using Soledad

  • Includes a podcast system
  • Easily paywall content on membership websites
  • Track writers performance and send out payments
  • Allow for front-end post submissions
  • Toggle between light and dark modes

12. PopularFX


PopularFX is a free theme that sports over 100,000 active installs and an excellent rating. Like most successful themes, it offers a variety of starter templates to help out new websites.

With them, you can build virtually any type of business website from scratch. Another standout feature of this theme would have to be the excellent selection of custom widgets.

These include things like testimonials, star ratings, Google Maps, progress bars, and other unique options that would normally require an additional plugin to add. This theme is also fully compatible with Pagelayer to help speed up site creation.

Benefits of Using PopularFX

  • Easily create your own sitemaps without a plugin
  • Choose from multiple animations to bring your pages to life
  • Utilize the Revision History to undo or redo changes
  • Utilizes a fully responsive design
  • See the changes you make in real time with live editing

13. Delicio

Delicio is among the best themes for a small food business

Delicio is among the best themes to install when you own a small business that deals with food and beverages. With it, you can create a full menu and create a great interface for online orders.

It is also fully compatible with reservation plugins that most restaurants use. And it’s built from the ground up to be responsive. Thus, mobile customers won’t have issues placing an order on the go.

It also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce to allow for online orders. As a result, you can accept payments from just about anything and record all of the necessary information for your tax records.

Benefits of Using Delicio

  • Visual customizer makes it easyto change site colors
  • Import demo content in a single click
  • Translation ready
  • Easily insert your own logo into the theme
  • Coded for SEO

14. Marketo


Marketo is a premium eCommerce theme that specializes in multi-vendor storefronts. With it, you can build a huge storefront with a wide variety of products that boasts an excellent design and is fully responsive.

There are over 11 homepage styles and over 15 different header styles to choose from. It has also been optimized for speed, which is made clear by its excellent Google PageSpeed score.

As you may expect from most modern themes, everything is fully responsive in design, thus no matter what kind of device or screen size a customer is on, they will see your website at its best.

Benefits of Using Marketo

  • Gain access to the Slider Revolution plugin
  • Choose from multiple mega menu styles
  • Integrates with the Elementor page builder
  • Edit just about any section from your store
  • Utilize smartphone and tablet mode to view your website on those devices

15. Authority Pro

Authority Pro

One of the most important things for a business of any size, is to chow off your expertise. And when it comes to showing off your skills as a small business, Authority Pro is easily among the best themes for the job.

It utilizes a clean modern design that is perfect for showcasing your skills. It provides room for blogging, you can turn it into a full online store, or even create an online portfolio. Regardless of what your needs are, this theme can meet them.

In terms of features, it really has everything you need from infinite color options to choosing any font you could want. It even makes it easy to add your own logo into the theme for better branding.

Benefits of Using Authority Pro

  • Easily load any demo content in a single click
  • Built on the Genesis Framework
  • Use the Theme Customizer to make changes in real time
  • Themes built with Genesis Framework get access to a huge community ready to help
  • Mobile responsive design

16. Hestia

Hestia Pro

When it comes to small business themes in WordPress, Hestia should be one of the first you look at. It’s free, boasts near-perfect ratings, and has over 100,000 active installs.

This theme was built to support any type of small business from retail to restaurants with its modern design. In terms of design, you have a ton of options to choose from because it works with most page builder plugins in WordPress.

One of its standout features would be the huge slider or video header you can utilize to really capture a visitor’s attention. With it you can show off all kinds of content from posts to videos.

Benefits of Using Hestia Pro

  • Utilize a full width layout for your blog content
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • Build beautiful mega menus
  • This theme is optimized for speed
  • White label support

17. Flatsome


Flatsome claims it is the #1 best-selling WooCommerce & business theme in the market. And its features lead me to believe it. The platform is the perfect choice for any business that wants to set up a WooCommerce shop.

The drag-and-drop page builder allows you to create stunning pages in a matter of minutes. And most importantly, the theme is fully responsive to ensure that mobile customers get the best experience.

There are a lot of other design features you can take advantage of. For instance, you can add shape dividers to banners or entire sections to add a unique appearance or separate sections in a unique fashion.

Benefits of Using Flatsome

  • Includes a variety of pre-made content
  • Choose from a variety of built-in elements to avoid coding them yourself
  • Supports over 12 languages and is WPML ready
  • Unlimited header options
  • Built-in slider system

18. Storefront


If you are looking for a free eCommerce theme, then look no further than Storefront. With over 200,000 active installs and amazing ratings, users everywhere love it.

The layout works perfectly with WooCommerce, in fact, it was created by the core developers of eCommerce plugin. Thus, you can expect everything WooCommerce related to work perfectly on Storefront.

In terms of design, the theme was made specifically for online stores. As such, the homepage is perfect for showing off your most popular or latest products. There’s even room to show off the latest deals.

Benefits of Using Storefront

  • Offers several accessibility options to make your store more accessible
  • Easily switch between color schemes
  • Responsive design ensures anyone canuse your website
  • Install extensions to add extra design options or features
  • Offers users great performances

19. Bakes And Cakes

Bakes and Cakes

If you run a bakery, finding a theme that matches your creativity can be challenging. Luckily, the Bakes and Cakes theme is a perfect choice. It comes with a built-in testimonials section to help you share what customers are saying.

And it even supports WooCommerce. Thus, you can setup an online ordering system that can utilize nearly any payment gateway. In terms of design, you have a lot of room for customization.

And you can even take it to the next level by inserting your own CSS code into the theme to add that personal touch. The performance of the theme is also top-notch. It has terrific speeds and can even support multiple languages.

Benefits of Using Bakes and Cakes

  • Easily insert your own site logo
  • Create sliders for your post content
  • Includes socuial media integration
  • Gain access to a variety of custom shortcodes
  • Create floating/sticky menus

20. Blance


Closing out our list is Blance. It is a premium theme that sports a clean look and utilizes the minimalist design philosophy. As a result, your products can stand out and they can be used to great effect regardless of what you’re selling.

And of course, it fully supports WooCommerce. It also offers a variety of customization options like 6 different homepage designs to choose from and a variety of header options.

Perhaps its most useful feature will be its Instagram Shop. This allows you to sell you products over your Instagram feeds tab. This is great for influencers who want to show themselves wearing or using the product.

Benefits of Using Blance

  • Create your own mega menus
  • Utilize an Ajaz search to speed up searches
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Includes product videos as thumbnails
  • Includes a visual composer

21. GeneratePress


When it comes to the best themes for a small business website, GeneratePress is among the best as it offers users a superb experience. With it you can create stylish websites with a professional touch.

You’ll also gain access to a variety of excellent demo content that you can use as the base of your website. That said, each one is ready for use, so you don’t even need to make any changes other than adding your own content and logo.

Perhaps its strongest feature would be the excellent support team standing by to help. They are able to answer almost every request they receive on the same day, which can help you troubleshoot problems quickly.

Benefits of Using GeneratePress

  • Extremely fast with a perfect PageSpeed score
  • Supports over 20 languages
  • No coding required, but the options do exist
  • Theme code is open-source
  • Integrates with popular plugins like WooCommerce

22. Hueman

Hueman theme

There is no shortage of small business websites, which is why so many themes focus on them, The Hueman theme is one such that focuses on helping businesses deliver news to their customers.

It has a stylish blog/magazine style design that is perfectly suited to delivering updates or product reviews. It also works well for eCommerce sites as it is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

One of the best design options are in the footer area. You can configure it to have between 0 and 4 columns for content. Most businesses often have a lot of legal pages and whatnot, and this footer area was built for it.

Benefits of Using Hueman

  • Includes over 370 social media icons
  • Easily place ads in your header or footer areas
  • Includes all major post formats from text to video
  • Create post sliders to show off your content
  • Choose between full width and boxed layouts

23. Salon

Salon is one of the best themes for a small business

Closing out our list for the best themes for a small business is Salon. As you might have guessed from the name, this theme was built for salons, hair stylists, makeup, and other similar professions.

In terms of design, the theme is incredibly stylish and utilizes a drag-and-drop builder. The homepage sports an stunning slider that allows you to share new hair design, makeup, or any other product or service you can think of.

And it’s not just for images. You can also incorporate video content into the slider, so it’s great for showing off makeup showcases or tutorials on your homepage. It really has everything a salon needs to succeed.

Benefits of Using Salon

  • Integrates with the Elementor page builder
  • Create your own color schemes
  • Choose from a variety of Google Fonts
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Translation ready with WPML support

Your Theme Your Design

The theme of your website largely determines your design options, yet with the right amount of creativity, you can create something truly unique. And with how crowded the online environment is nowadays, you’re going to need a design that’s unique.

And most importantly, one that wows visitors in less than a second.

What’s your favorite theme for small businesses? Did you use a premium or free theme?

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