Here’s Why Social Media Marketing is Critical

Social Media Marketing

Since its development, social media has played a continuous role in how people interact with each other. From a business standpoint, it contributes to how companies interact with potential customers as well.

As this has become a powerful method for organizations to reach a target market, many social platforms have integrated methods to help businesses reach their audiences.

According to Statista, 97% of the global share of companies uses social media marketing.

Many believe that social media marketing is just as valuable as televised advertisements without the hefty costs. It’s all about reaching a large number of people in a cost-efficient manner.

The following are points of interest which demonstrate why this kind of strategy is important for business practices.

Why Social Media Integration is Necessary

why social media is important

Experts such as Ekaterina Walter, bestselling author and marketing guru, point out how trust in a brand is a universal constant. Regardless of how technology evolves over the years, consumers will often side with a name they trust.

Part of the importance of social media marketing centers around cultivating that trust on a more personal level. It’s a platform that allows businesses to directly interact with consumers.

This interaction contributes to building a strong online reputation.

The Impact of Online Reputation

Approximately three-quarters of shoppers today will research a company online before making a purchase. More and more consumers are abandoning the traditional phone book because it doesn’t tell them anything about the company. Online reputation is where many companies have the most impact from customers. Social engagement, customer reviews and other aspects contribute to someone’s decision to make that initial purchase.

Driving Traffic through Social Media

Facebook has around 2.2 billion active users each month. To put this into perspective, that is about one in every three people on the entire planet.

These numbers don’t include other popular sites such as Twitter and YouTube, either. When you take into consideration the sheer number of people that only use Facebook, you can begin to understand the importance of social media marketing to engage a vast target audience.

And with the onset of Facebook Live, the reach is even better.

With each post that is shared or interacted with on Facebook, there is potential to drive traffic to your website. Whether you’re offering free information or selling goods through eCommerce, the results could be incredible.

Instead of relying on ad-sharing networks, connecting with consumers in this fashion has potential to be more productive. This is especially true when it comes to creating a trustworthy brand.

People are more likely to buy from a company that is interactive on social media.

Social profiles can also play a role in exposure on sites such as Google. These profiles are appearing in search results when consumers are looking for brands or products.

Developing a social presence may serve to improve your placement in these results as content is crawled by the search engines.

Cost Efficiency

One of the key components that drive companies to use social media marketing is the overall cost for upkeep. As most profiles on these sites are free, engaging potential consumers has no expense other than time.

It takes less than a minute to respond to an individual or post a link to new content on your website. Even less if you use social media tools to grow your brand.

Advertising campaigns on social media sites may also be more cost efficient than methods you may be using today. For example, a retail store in Denver can use pay-per-click ads in Facebook to target only those users in the immediate area.

This has potential to increase the return-on-investment as people in Miami wouldn’t see the ad and click on it.

Social Search Engine Algorithms

Some social media sites have been toying with the idea of developing their own search engine algorithms. As Facebook handles more than 1.5 billion searches every day, the social company has spent time fine-tuning the results.

By putting effort into building your online presence, users are capable of finding your company and content when searching this continuously growing database.

Increasing Sales

Currently, one in every ten online purchases in the US alone originates from social media channels. Many experts believe that this number is going to grow in the near future.

It’s estimated that eCommerce will surpass $4.5 trillion dollar mark by 2021. This means that tens of billions of dollars may be spent by social media consumers.

How You Can Fine Tune Your Social Marketing for the Future

fine tune your social media marketing

Many believe that social media sites are just as influential as television ads, if not more so. From a single 280-character post on Twitter, you could engage thousands of people who are interested in your brand or message.

What can be done to fine tune your own strategies for the future?

Profiles Galore

Don’t center your attention on just one social media outlet. Some of the biggest companies in the world have active profiles on nearly every social channel.

The important thing to remember is how to maximize those sites regarding your industry. For example, using Pinterest to show foods from a restaurant is ideal. However, online service providers may have a harder time making Pinterest worthwhile.

Find social outlets that best fit your organization.

Create Engaging Material

Too many people try to create “viral” content that can be seen by millions. However, creating engaging content is often more productive.

It focuses the material on those who show greater potential for buying from your business. If the content you create does go viral, then that’s just frosting on the cake.

Don’t try to force the message in order to become an overnight sensation.

Conversational, Not Promotional

It’s been found that people on social networks are more receptive to posts that are more conversational in origin. Promoting a product seems too much like an advertisement, and the masses could ignore the post.

Create a more personal message regarding your content to attract more consumers. Remember, you’re trying to be “social” on these sites.

Interact With Fans and Followers

Interacting with people who comment or otherwise follow the business can build strong ties. It makes the situation seem less forced and more organic.

In other words, people are more likely to trust a company that offers insights and communicates with them.

In fact, many organizations will use social media as part of customer service contact points. Instead of a phone call, consumers can simply post a question or concern on sites like Facebook or Twitter while expecting an immediate response.

Mass Posting

Tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck and SproutSocial are excellent for distributing your content to all of your social profiles. From a single point, you can send a post to the most popular social hubs simultaneously.

This means you don’t have to visit each site one-by-one to share your new posts or images. Most of these have free adaptations for beginners, but paying for the premium accounts could be a time-saving investment.

Invest in a Future of Social Engagement

Each year, thousands of businesses put more money into social media marketing than they did the year before. This is because most of them attest to a positive experience from the investment.

By understanding the importance of social media marketing, you can build strategies that have potential to increase your income. Connect to your target audience on these platforms and give them a reason to trust your brand.

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  1. Oh, guys did you forget more people hang out on social media and mobile apps and reaching them quicker and smarter is way to get the most of your content.

  2. Definitely organic traffic from search engines is the largest and happened to be the best form of traffic in-terms of relevancy and conversions. But social traffic also matters, especially in brand awareness and reputation. Paid social traffic is targeted and converts too. Diversifying marketing budget and resources into different marketing channels is the source of online success.

  3. I like your suggestion about mass posting to social profiles. I’ve been doing it manually and wasting a lot of time. Thanks!

  4. Social media provides an opportunity to quickly react to the feedback. Either the outcome is positive or negative, you have got the way to respond within seconds. A research has found that customers are more likely to remain consistent to those firms who respond to their queries and feedback. Tweets and statuses depict if any issue has been arrived from the side of customer and you can take the appropriate steps to resolve it, this will help in customer retention.

  5. Social media signals are very important off-page factor and it will help in improve the ranking on SERPs.

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