Top 10 Most Popular Questions About WordPress

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WordPress is one of the most utilized website platforms on the Internet. Nearly 60% of sites powered by content managements systems use WordPress.

When you consider that the Internet is home to millions upon millions of sites, 60% is quite a lot. Even though it’s a popular system, a lot of people don’t truly understand its potential.

Hopefully, I can help you determine what it can do for you by answering the top 10 most popular WordPress questions that users ask.

1. How secure is WordPress against hackers?

how secure is wordpress

WordPress is in constant development. This means that potential threats are quickly discovered and addressed. As an added bonus, many developers create security plugins that essentially lock the system down tight.

From protecting against brute force to eliminating spam, you can find just about anything to go with WordPress through plugins.

2. How do I make displays show up in the dashboard?


Some tools come with displays to give you a quick reference on the dashboard screen. If you don’t see the tool you want, click on the “Screen Options” tab on the top right.

In this area, you’ll see check boxes related to tools that have display capabilities. You can turn these on or off depending on what you want to see on the dashboard display.

3. How do I track my WordPress site in Google Analytics?

google analytics

There are several small plugins that will make it easy to install the Google Analytics code.

Traditionally, these small snippets from Google are pasted into pages through coding. However, the authorization number can be put into these plugins without the use of code changes.

It’s a quick copy-and-paste to start tracking through your Analytics account.

4. Can you sell things from a WordPress site?


Yes. Using plugins such as WooCommerce, you can build an eCommerce platform. Most of these tools are just as elaborate as standalone installations.

In many ways, a WordPress-based retail business is often better than alternatives. For instance, you don’t have to worry about setting up a blog for marketing purposes since that is the primary function of WordPress.

5. How can I offer email subscriptions on my site?


There are a number of tools you can use to build an email subscriber list. While some people enjoy using MailChimp, others find value in K-News.

Both of these work exceptionally well and each has its own advantages.

6. Can I put embedded code into WordPress posts and pages?

embedded codes

Yes. Many things can be placed into posts and pages when you want to copy and paste code. Although you can’t use PHP or CSS in post and pages without a special plugin, you can use basic HTML and iFrames.

For instance, embedding YouTube videos can be done by going into the “Text” tab of your editor and pasting the iFrame code YouTube gives you when sharing.

7. How do I incorporate social media buttons?

social media buttons

Social media buttons, such as linking to Facebook or Twitter, can be governed through the use of plugins. Many themes will also have this feature enabled.

However, you’ll need specific plugins if you want to enable things like Twitter Cards.

8. How do I add an image gallery to my site?

image gallery

Image galleries can be a great way to show off your artistic potential. This can be done by using the module in the Jetpack plugin or through another tool.

For example, you can install the Envira gallery plugin to power your portfolio. This tool lets you arrange the images using drag-and-drop features.

9. What happened to my custom fields and changes after the last update?

After updates, sometimes customized fields and coding changes are overwritten and removed. This is done to improve the overall functionality of WordPress by making sure there aren’t changes that will interfere with the base code.

You may have to rebuild these or find plugin alternatives.

If it’s theme changes you’re missing, consider using a child theme from now on. This keeps your coding adjustments even if the theme is completely upgraded.

It’s also a good idea to always have a backup of WordPress. This way, you don’t lose information or data in the event of an update.

10. Why is my website running so slow?

website speed

A variety of things can cause slow speeds of a WordPress site. Too many plugins, improper javascript in bad tools, excessive Flash use and images are only some of the most common things to check.

Try to only use plugins that are verifiable and recently updated. As for image use, make sure your graphics are optimized.

Learn all About Your WordPress Site

When it comes to versatility, few platforms are as powerful as WordPress. From basic personal blogs to extensive eCommerce business sites, there is no denying the potential for this CMS.

By learning more about what it could do, you can devise your own set of WordPress questions that can be used to further your own understanding. Take the time to explore what this system can do for you and your business.

You may be missing something that could drastically enhance your online success.

How many of the tools and features in WordPress do you use on a regular basis? Are there things you wish it could do, or are there features you would like to understand better?

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